Once design is finalised and an order placed, our first step is to order your timber from one or more of our timber suppliers. We source green oak from reputable sawmills in England and France. We can always build with English oak if that is one of your requirements. There is normally a 2-3 week lead time on timber ordering depending on the size of the order. Extremely large timbers and timbers which are required to follow a very definite curve, may take a little longer. We only use curved timber which follows the grain. This is much stronger and more pleasing to the eye than cutting a curve into a straight piece of wood. It also means there is less wastage.

Once the timber is in our yard each piece is visually inspected to ensure it conforms to the high specification we required for our timber framed buildings. When inspecting we are looking for any defects which may affect the structural integrity of your building. Examples of defects are overly large knots, very wayward grain, rot or excessive splitting. Whilst inspecting timber it is important to bear in mind the position of the timber in the building, as this will affect the type of defect that would cause the piece to be rejected. Any rejected pieces are returned to the sawmill for replacement.

The next stage is to build the individual frames in our yard. The timbers are laid out and oriented in the way they will be in the finished building. Green oak will shrink and move as it dries and it is important that the posts, beams etc are oriented the correct way. All joints are individually marked out. We are experienced timber framers and are used to dealing with the sometimes bowed and twisted timbers that will give beauty and character to the finished building. We work with the timber rather than trying to make it work for us. Every joint is then cut by hand, fitted and checked. Most of the connections are made in the yard, but there are ocassions when this is not possible and can only be done on site as the building is erected. Dimensioning and detailing are checked to make sure each frame is correct and up to the very high standard we demand.

Each component is then cut marked with traditional carpenters marks to indicate it’s exact location in the building. The frame is then carefully stacked ready for transportation to your site.

We ensure that our frames are erected by the carpenters that have built them in the yard. It is an exciting moment for us to see the results of weeks of work in the yard come to fruition as a finished timber frame.

Erection on site is often surprisingly quick and seldom fails to impress. The professionalism and quality of workmanship is evident in this and every stage of the building process.